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About me and the blog

I am Vidar Kenneth Johansen, wine and music man.

I feel honored to have been with Vinforum, the oldest and most prestigious Norwegian wine magazine, since its foundation in 1986. I give lectures about wine, and in more recent years I have also imported a few. I have travelled in wine countries on various continents. More than anything, I have crossed the Iberian peninsula from east to west, from past to present, and if there is a Spanish or Portuguese village, then I want to see it, especially if there is something on the vine.

I believe nobody is totally independent, unless they don’t live in a society. In the strange land I live in we have a retail Monopoly, with sometimes apparently weird rules, so people employed in wine shops cannot taste wines together with me (I can taste together with them though).  But although I import wines I can assure you that when I describe a wine I will do my best to give you my most honest opinion about it. I don’t believe in points for wine (nor for music); I am not impressed by any, and you will get none from me.

I am the first to admit that my taste has changed over the years, so please don’t plow through my first writings to use it against me. Agnostician, yes, but I am on a mission: I believe in organic wines, as natural as possible and with sustainability in mind. About biodynamics: The religion you can have, but if cowhorns and preparations work (which seems to be very likely) it’s perfectly ok by me.


About prices
I live in Norway, and while many of the wines I write about can be bought here, they are of course also found elsewhere. Therefore I have chosen to list the prices in three categories:

low: <200 NOK (<15€/15£/20$)

medium: 200-400 NOK (…30 €/30£/40$)

high: >400 NOK

This can be problematic in several factors such as varying tax levels in different countries, transport costs and promotional prices within the same country etc. So it’s highly indicative, and I will not list the exact price.


If you have comments that doesn’t fit below the articles, please visit the corresponding facebook page here.

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  1. Massimiliano marchi
    Massimiliano marchi 10. January 2017

    Dear Mr. Johansen good afternoon,

    I am Marchi Massimiliano owner of the Marchi Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy since 1910.

    I take a look at your blog and I take the liberty to sudmit to your kind attention (I hope not to disturb you!).

    Marchi Vinegar is a FAMILY COMPANY.

    We are not an industry so we decided to do not sell to ipermarket and/or supermarket but just to the specialized wine shops.

    I invite you to take a look at our website and let me know your free comments.

    Thanking you very much in advance and waiting your kind reply,

    Best Regards

  2. Vidar Kenneth Johansen
    Vidar Kenneth Johansen 22. March 2017

    Dear Mr. Massimiliano,
    Thanks for your message. Sorry that my reply is delayed, but this is a bit outside my field. I have met many producers of Italian gourmet products at the VinItaly fair though (maybe you too?). From what I can see it looks like a serious project, and I see that it’s sold abroad too (like in the UK for instance). I wish you the best of luck! Hope you don’t mind I move it from this page to another, as it really isn’t so much about me. 🙂
    Best regards,

  3. Joshua Van Den Eeden
    Joshua Van Den Eeden 2. July 2017

    Hi Vidar, this is Joshua Van Den Eeden and must say it was great meeting the two of you the other day. You did not say anything about the music part of your life . My wife Seita is a great singer ( blues, jazz, pop) and sings weekly during the Fall- Winter with her band Seita & Friends in los Boliches to an appreciative audience in Restaurante Kukko. Could be fun for you to join in…

    • Vidar Kenneth Johansen
      Vidar Kenneth Johansen 2. July 2017

      Hi Joshua, It was indeed great meeting you too! You are right, I divide my time about 50-50 between wine and music. I always bring a horn in my luggage, always ready to jam.

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