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Wine of the Week

Andalusian Petit Verdot rosé

On holiday on the coast of Granada, here is a local wine. It’s a sustainably made wine from Jete, in the heights above seaside town Almuñécar, where I am now, and it was bought in the specialist wine store on the corner off the main square.

It’s mainly from petit verdot, which means that one should expect some power and roundness, not elegance. Still it has a bit of that too, probably from the small amount of tempranillo.

The climate is somewhere between mountaneous-mediterranean, but borders to the continental. After destemming the grapes the juice underwent a pre-fermentation at 10-12°C before the actual alcoholic fermentation. The colour is mostly from lágrimas (run-off juice), then lightly pressed grapes and with a short skin contact.



Rosa-O 2014 (Calvente)

Brilliant red on the darker side, towards a red wine in appearance. Rich fruitiness, with red berries (strawberry, cherries) and just a hint of caramel. Full on the palate, medium-low in acidity; easy to drink, in the best sense of the word.

Price: Low

Food: White fish, dried cod, light meat




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