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Wine of the Week

Croatian fascination

Are you, like me, fascinated by the transformation the Croatian wine scene is seemingly going through? Well, the rise of the modern Croatian wine is also looking over its shoulder, and many are reviving technices from days past.

As far as the Markežić family is concerned their winemaking history goes all the way back to 1891 when the first muscat grapes were planted.

From the northwest of the Istrian peninsula they are modelling their wines under the Kabola label. We are 275 meters above sea level, with the view of the Alps and Dolomites on one side and both pastures green and a beautiful sea view on the other, and the soil of the area is mainly clay that is rich in marl.

The wine is made from the local variety of malvasija (the ‘istarska’ type) 100%, with two days maceration in amphora, and 12 months in 4.000 liters Slavonian oak barrels.

By the way, if anyone has wondered where exactly is Slavonia, that is so often referred to when talking about oak, it is one of the historic regions in Croatia, situated in the North-East.


Malvazija Unica 2010 (Kabola)

Deep yellow. Luscious, appley, hint of citrus, herbs, white flowers and nuts. It’s a quite robust wine with creamy texture, dry, and with a certain tannic grip.

Price: Medium

Food: Try with a great variety of food, from white fish, smoked fish, light meat, cooked vegetables and some kinds of Asian food.


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