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Wine of the Week

Suerte del Marqués Trenzado

Many would hesitate to mention the Canary Islands among the regions capable to grow serious vineyard based wines, and in a sustainable way too. But they are, and here is a terrific white from northern/central Tenerife.
Near the mighty Teide peak, in mineral and volcanic soil of the Orotava valley, there is adequate sun conditions for making quality wines. The family behind Suerte del Marqués established quite recently this project, but it’s based on more than 100 years old vines with traditional varieties.

You will not you see any new barrels in their cellar. And in more technical terms there is no industrial yeasts nor enzymes at work. if any sulphur is used it’s only a tiny amount before bottling.

The variety is listán negro, the same grape that is used for sherry, in combination with other local white grapes such as pedro ximénez and the local variety of albillo.

The term trenzado signifies the way the vines are trained, like a braid.


Trenzado 2014 (Suertes del Marqués)

Yellow-orange-light brownish colour. Complex aroma with flowers, yellow tomatoes, herbs and spices. Creamy mouthfeel with a fresh, citrusy mineral fruit, and a nice and spicy finish.

Price: Medium

Food: Tapas made with fish, shellfish or meat, light meat and grilled fish

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