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Wine of the Week

You can call me Alf

Alfrocheiro preto is a grape that deserves its time in the spotlight. Historically a typical blending grape, there have been many good varietals too. And given the grape’s reputation for delivering dark stuff, often on the rustic side, I have through the years come across surprizingly many elegant wines, José Perdigão’s and Quinta dos Roques‘ Dão, Outeiros Altos’ Alentejo (sample), to name just a few, there are also some promising bruñal projects (one of its Spanish synonyms) like the one at Ribera de Pelazas, over the border in Arribes.

It’s an early ripener, yields quite generously, gives dark must, and balanced tannins and acidity, to be very short. The name is among the many “unpronounceable” Portuguese varieties, and someone just had to come up with the abbreviation Alf – and it was Terra d’Alter of Alentejo.

So much for that, this week’ pick is from Vinhos das Mercês, Norwegian Roar Aune and German Petra Lohmann, that in a short time have obtained remarkable results in Oliveira do Hospital, southern Dão (with oenologic help from Virgilio Loureiro (university lecturer who has aided several Beiras wineries). They have now a splendid collection of to-the-bone fruity wines, among them the pure and lovely red and white blends that could be considered their “entry-level” wines. The couple was among the ones heavily affected by the 2017 fires, but will rise again. Follow this blog, and you will read more from the producer later.

Aune Lohmann Alfrocheiro 2015 (Vinhos das Mercês)

Deep red. Dark and red, spices like nutmeg, leather, and somewhat earthy. Quite smooth texture, with a silky oak, good acidity and length.

Price: Low

Food: Various meats, game, roasts, casseroles


  1. Roar og Petra ( Aune Lohmann)
    Roar og Petra ( Aune Lohmann) 6. September 2022

    Hei. Så hyggelig at du nevner oss og finner tid til et smaksnotat. Det settes pris på og er hyggelig å lese.
    Vi takker Hjerteligst her vi forbereder årets vinhøst.

    • Vidar Kenneth Johansen
      Vidar Kenneth Johansen 9. September 2022

      Hei. Beklager den litt “populistiske” overskriften. Etter dette kom det virkelig en vin som het akkurat det også. For øvrig har jeg lenge tenkt å spørre om å få stikke innom. Jeg har vært i Porto på Simplesmente… Vinho hvert år, men har alltid hatt fullt program i for- og etterkant. God vinhøst!

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