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Magazine articles

Here you find some articles published in paper magazines. Most of them will be from Vinforum (also found at, Norway’s oldest and most prestigious wine magazine – and therefore in the Norwegian language.

Searching for the historic wine of Dorado.

A note about two Barcelona wine fairs.

Here you can read about several of the leading producers of red wine in what is mostly known as white wine country.

Here is a short note about a wine fair that was carried out in spite of covid troubles

A postponed and shortened Bierzo visit, due to covid restrictions. In spite of this some of the most exciting producers were visited.

After the Simplesmente… Vinho fair of Porto I travelled around in its hinterland this time. So much interesting going on here now.

Gredos revisited before a big magazine panel tasting.

Here is an article from the Croatian peninsula of Pelješac, visited in a two day break during a jazz festival.

Plavac mali og Pelješac_Vinforum 5-2019

This is a review of Simon J. Woolf’s groundbreaking book about orange wines.

Amber Revolution_Vinforum 3-2019

This is a report written after the Simplesmente Vinho fair in Porto. In the days leading up to the fair we drove through the “ashes”.

Dão after the fires in 2017_Vinforum 3-2018

Here is a report from a visit to the Baga Friends. The occation was the celebration of the Buçaco Palace Hotel’s 100 year as wine producer.

Bairrada-Baga Friends_Vinforum 4-2017

Below you can find an article about the changes in Rioja, focussing on Artadi’s leaving, the Basque plans about their own Rioja appellation, and the reactions against this. A lot happened just after deadline, not only in Rioja, but in Bierzo, Priorat and Cava, so a follow-up was needed in the next issue.

Rioja & Spanish classifications_Vinforum 4-2017

Rioja_Vinforum 3-2017

Very little is written about ‘vegan wine’, or ‘vegan-friendly wines’. Here is an in-depth article that I plan to publish in English (when I have the time).

Wine and veganism_Vinforum 1-2017

A winter journey through the fantastic and un-known landscape in three Spanish regions.

Sierra de Gredos_Vinforum 2-2015

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